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  27 Jul, 2016 by Survey Stan

The origins of this US based site can be traced back to a survey agency that was established way back in 1946 and was known as National Family Opinion or NFO.

If you are one of those who are looking for an answer to what are these paid surveys all about, then you have reached the place. So many people these days are talking about these online survey sites that even you thought of finally giving them a go. Well yes there are legit sites that help you make money provided you contribute to them in one or the other way. Talking of which brings us to discuss one of the most popular sites that of MySurvey. Here is a detailed discussion on this site that will decide whether you should go ahead or stay out of it.

What is it?

The origins of this US based site can be traced back to a survey agency that was established way back in 1946 and was known as National Family Opinion or NFO. It used postal services and later telephone to collect all the data and then in 2001 it started digitalizing its base by creating the website of MySurvey. Again in 2010 it was acquired by Lightspeed Research that happens to be a global leader in research and analysis.

Mode of operation

The best part about this paid survey company is that it helps people make money from anywhere in the world and they can work anytime they want. It all starts with a simple sign up that can actually yield you real money. On top of this they can use computers, tablets or mobile phones or even mobile apps to work these days. This implies that their whole network is quite easy to operate on and that they are highly digitalized in approach. It is real fun to work with them because:

– Yes they make it effortless for its members to use this platform
– You can cash out, ask for transfer via PayPal or even collect gift card from sites like Amazon and many more
– Short survey time
– Interesting surveys
– Easy sign up process
– Conducts contests
– Web cam surveys are also on offer
Allows product testing
– Expected rewards

As of 2012 they have paid $15,108,454 to its members and are spending more to its members worldwide. Members can redeem cash, e-vouchers and gift cards in exchange of points they have earned by taking surveys. Otherwise they can also trade for merchandise like clothes and jewelry instead of cash at present. Monthly sweepstakes for being active takes the cake away with this survey site for sure.

Eligibility for joining

People from Europe, North America and Oceania regions are more than welcomed to join this site. Yes but they should be 14 years and above only to start making money with this well known site.

Our verdict

There are no reasons to call MySurvey a 100% legit survey site after all this. If you still doubt them then you can read about them in various reviews and also get a fair idea from the testimonials posted on their site. The only problem seems to be the waiting period of 4 to 8 weeks for processing of payment that again depends on the kind of redemption you ask for. It is needless to say that our verdict is ruled in favor of this world famous survey site hands down.

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