Take Surveys and Get Paid (Is it actually that easy?) Top Survey Sites

Take Surveys And Get Paid (Is it actually that easy?)

So you’re looking for paid survey sites to earn a little extra cash on the side while you’ve got some time to kill on the way to work or waiting for your kids to finish school. You keep reading over and over again, title after title, Take Surveys and Get Paid! It’s so easy! While these sites are tempting to sign up to, more often than not, you’ll find yourself in a pile of bad and untrusted survey sites which will end up, let’s face it clogging up your inbox if you sign up without reading a little first. While the ‘take surveys and get paid’ methodology may seem peachy on the surface, there’s a few things you should know about Paid Surveys before you begin.


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Take Surveys And Get Paid. It is that easy, but there are some things you should know..

1. Yes you will take surveys, yes you will get paid and yes it will be easy but…

Don’t expect flowing wealth over night. If you’re an experienced survey panelist and there’s one thing you’ve discovered, it’s that surveys take time. If you’re trying to find the ‘get paid the next day survey’, it’s a fairytale and you should probably stop looking now because you’re more likely to run into a big fat scam rather than a unicorn. Just like any other job, online or not, Market Research Companies need time to process and verify the surveys you’ve taken and the payments which are owed to you. If you’re expecting payments the next day, you’re probably better looking elsewhere.


2. You may find it hard initially to find a survey panel that works for you…but don’t give up they are out there!

Not many sites will tell you this but, the truth is, not every survey panel is going to suit you. You may not like their surveys, they may not be targeting your demographic at this moment, you might find yourself not qualifying for surveys very often. Whatever it may be, in most cases not every survey panel you sign up for is going to suit. In saying that, you shouldn’t give up, there are paid surveys for almost everyone! This is why it is a good idea to sign up to many panels at once rather than one by one. You can learn more about why this will help you make more money from surveys here.


3. Yes it’s easy to take surveys and get paid but don’t expect to be a millionaire…

If you’re thinking you’re going to be able to pay the bills with your survey money or you’re on a site promising you hundreds of dollars a week, it’s probably time to come back to reality. Surveys are a fantastic way of earning extra cash to put towards a holiday, a special outing or perhaps a gift, but you can’t expect to be making a living off surveys.