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Survey Spot Review

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  10 Jan, 2016 by Survey Stan

Are you interested in making some extra cash? Who does not like that? The emergence of the internet has made things possible for the good.

Survey Spot Review

Are you interested in making some extra cash? Who does not like that? The emergence of the internet has made things possible for the good. Making a little extra income is a part of this possibility. There are many ways of doing so and taking paid surveys may only add to your passive income in the best possible ways. One name that has been quite a popular among the other survey sites is that of Survey Spot. Let us have a look at it in details.

The survey

Survey Spot is a market company that offers its members with cash and other kinds of prizes for taking opinion based surveys. They are the sole reason why businesses can custom make products. They have created a win-win platform for brands and its members to make products of the highest quality based on surveys. They have been in business ever since 2001 and have been a leader in opinion surveys.

Mode of operation

Their mode of operation is very simple and has no confusion around it. Members need to sign up first and complete all the formalities to enter the survey panel. Then they are sent regular emails to take surveys. Most of these surveys take 10 to 15 minutes of time and there is no end to it. They make use of innovative ways to keep their members engaged. The best part about Survey Spot is that it uses opinions of its members as a pathfinder to bigger brands that are constantly trying to improve.


This is the fun part about this survey that rewards are plenty and come in many forms. What is this means is that members can get rewards in:

  • Cash via PayPal
  • e-Vouchers of iTunes
  • Gift cards from Amazon
  • Airline miles

You can receive e-vouchers within 48 hours of your request and the airline miles reward simply nails it. Another reward offered by this program is that of a quarterly sweepstake of $10,000. This is the best part about legit paid surveys that you will get a lot of ways of converting your reward. 


This for residents of the U.S. only and there is no age limitation as of now. Moreover they allow only one account per member which makes it legit all the more. This proves that neither they are cheating their advertisers nor their members. In addition it has to be mentioned that they are fair and do not prefer to fiddle with confidential data as provided by either parties.

Our verdict

With a few members crying delayed payment and some saying that even if they do not qualify for surveys, they are still sent details of surveys, makes it a mixed bag. What takes the cake away is the detailed information about each and every survey by emails and guaranteed payout. This means it is a legit site that has paid around $12 million in cash as well as prizes to its members ever since its inception. That should clarify our stand for sure as we rule in its favor.

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