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Survey Downline

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Survey Downline

3.5 Stars
  26 May, 2015 by Survey Stan

Survey Downline is a well known paid survey panel, but the question is, is there cash to be made? Find out in our Survey Downline Review!

Survey Downline Review

Precision Sample, LLC 1777 S. Bellaire St., Suite 210 Denver, CO 80222.

Operated by: Survey Downline Group

Age: 18+

Countries: US, UK, Canada,  Australia

What you can get: Paypal cash

Similar Panels to Join: Payment: Up to $10 per survey. (Specialise surveys for more. Av. $2 per survey)

How much you need to earn before you can cash out: $20 (for paypal cash)


About Survey Downline

Founded in 2009, Survey Downline is a market research company which hand picks it’s surveys to better suit you and make you more money. They aim to make it easier and faster to connect you with surveys and get paid. They offer a referral program in which you can earn extra through getting your friends to sign up.

My Verdict

I had a few issues with this site at first as it doesn’t seem to work in Chrome or Firefox, but it seemed pretty good when I finally got things going. If you’re having problems with Chrome and Firefox, try it in Internet Explorer and it should work. I was a little annoyed that at first this wasn’t explained, so taking my first few surveys was a little frustrating. I haven’t earnt a load off this survey site as of yet, but that is to expected with most survey sites. The surveys themselves are quite high paying (up to $10 and hence why I signed up) and they are fairly interesting as far as surveys go. However in saying that I’ve found that whilst you may get your hands on a few high paying surveys, you may be screened out of a few as well. I’m going to say it’s worth giving this one a try just to see if you qualify for any high paying ones otherwise I would unsubscribe. I’m going to add to this one as I go to see if it’s worth it.

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