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Springboard Survey Panel

4.5 Stars
  11 Jan, 2016 by Survey Stan

About: Through it's well connected network of retailers and members, Springboard Survey Panel leads the way in paid surveys. With surveys starting at $5 and up.

Ever thought of making some extra cash? Legit paid surveys are a rare find but they exist in this world and you can always bask in their glory. There are thousands of survey sites that may look suspicious. However going through legit sites may give you an idea about what qualities you should look for while surfing these survey sites that will help you determine the truth. Mention has to be made about Springboard Survey Panel in this regards that happens to be one the most popular survey destinations. Find out more about it.

What is this survey all about?

Springboard Survey was established in 2009 with support from Vision Critical that is a cloud based platform used for gathering data for customer behavior. It is one of the well known communities for market research in the whole of U.S. This brings world’s largest of brands into one place and provides them with quality information.

How does it operate?

To start with you need to sign up and get started just like you doo with any other site. What more? New members get directly into a sweepstake of $1,000 Grand Prize Draw for just signing up. The question why should you use it can be answered in this way that it pays and moreover:

  • Fun to work with
  • Easy integration
  • Payout can be in cash
  • A brand name
  • Monthly prizes
  • Interesting surveys to take
  • Short surveys
  • Members are regularly updated
  • Members get contacted for detailed study 1 to 4 times per month

The reward system

The rewarding system is actually very simple that makes it to be well liked by all in America. The ease of payment and easy to comprehend interface are two of the most significant things that make Springboard Survey Panel different from the others for sure. In fact you can get paid in cash once you reach the threshold of $50 or can even opt for:

  • Visa card payment
  • Convert it into Amazon gift card
  • Bank wire by using Paylution

Eligibility for joining

Now this is strictly for audiences in the U.S. only and is suitable for anyone who is over 14 years. That is quite an age because teenagers need that extra dollar more than adults. In other words yes it is safe for people in their teens to work with this reputed survey site.

Our verdict

It has to be stated that Springboard Survey Panel is a legit site that offers tons of value added surveys. They are in contact with some of the leading brands that render them genuine. Yes but you need to keep an eye on your email as the invitations last for a short period of time. What bothers people more is that they do not pay via PayPal and the minimum threshold is quite high. Still if you keep working at it, you will be able to reach this mark sooner and get paid in real. What more can you ask for from a paid survey site?

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