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Pure Profile

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  28 Jun, 2016 by Survey Stan

Pure Profile is a cash rewards company that was established in 2010 and is run by CotterWeb Enterprises. It is a major player in the US and AUS that generates revenue from advertisers

Yes what is this pandemonium created by Pure Profile? There are a number people who want to know about this company in details. So guess what we have tried our best to provide you all the answer in regards to this company and the system that they run in this. Our earnest trial of providing you with all the answers in this Pure Profile Review will surely help you decide for yourself.

What is Pure Profile?

Pure Profile is a cash rewards company that was established in 2010 and is run by CotterWeb Enterprises. It is a major player in the UK hat generates revenue from advertisers that is awarded to its members who contribute by taking paid surveys, redeeming some coupons, playing different kinds of games or just reading emails. Members can get back cash rewards of this contribution by applying for encashment. They have different levels of membership that offer various cash back opportunities.

How does it operate?

It is really hard to believe but as it has already been mentioned that members earn by playing games, surveying and completing tasks is the way to make money with this web based company. All this starts with a simple sign up and you can make the most out of it by remaining active all through the time. In fact you can even refer friends and make additional 10% commission by doing so for yourself. Here is a list of activities you can take part to make some extra money:
By completing offers which could like uncovering new products and services
You can even earn cashbacks with such tasks
Read emails by receiving mails from well known brands
Taking surveys
Playing games like digital scratch cards and Bingo which is much awaited
Completing tasks like research for answers or labeling products
You can find put more about their innovative ways of making passive income by logging into their official website. This way you can not only add some extra income to your kitty but also get a lot of exposure about various brands and companies. So you can consider this to be an educational exercise as well.

The rewards

Like any other reward site Pure Profile also offers cash awards, cashbacks, sweepstakes, loyalty rewards and referral rewards.


Pure Profile has only two conditions that you need to fulfill, otherwise you can bid it goodbye. One is you have to be a UK resident and the other is you have to be 18 years and above in order to sign up.

Our verdict

Although some members have pointed out the threshold of £20 to be little high, yet at present Pure Profile has a strong community of about 1 million subscribers which is constantly growing. Needless to say that this proves their worth and that they are a safe site to try some luck with. So far they have bestowed around 35 million dollars to their members for active participation. This is the most important part of this Pure Profile Review as this suggests that they pay for real unlike the others.

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