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Free Paid Survey Sites That Pay Via Check

The great thing about survey companies is that they offer a whole range of different payment methods to suit quite literally any situation. From surveys that pay via paypal, to surveys which offer exclusive giftcards, discounts and sweepstakes to surveys sites that pay via check. No matter how you want to get paid, the likelihood is, that there will be a survey panel for you!

If specifically you’re looking for survey sites that pay via check you may just be in luck. Luckily for us, paid surveys have been around many years before the invention of such sites as Paypal and check is still a readily available option for most survey panels. If you’re from the 5 main survey regions, US, CA, UK, AU, NZ then you’re in luck as it is more than likely that any survey panel operating within these countries will pay via check!


Unfortunately for some of our more international survey goers, check isn’t always an option as many companies these days have begun to opt for the quick and easy payments which Paypal brings over the time and hassle a check sometime incurs arriving to it’s destination. Don’t get me wrong, there are still sites out there, but they’re a little harder to dig up and you’ll probably find them amongst more local and country orientated survey sites rather than a site from the US.

Luckily for us, survey panels have been around for years and years, well before the popular use of payment methods such as Paypal and most of the more traditional and well known survey sites such as Global Test Market and ipsos still offer Check as a payment method. We’ve put together the top 5 free paid survey sites that pay via check below but if you’d like to check out more, make sure to take a look at our most popular survey sites of 2016 as voted by you! You can also find reviews of each of these surveys there too.

1. Global Test Market (Recommended)

2. Inbox Dollars (Recommended)

3. ISay Surveys (Ipsos) (Recommended)

4. Isurvey World (Recommended)Cheque-Conformado

5. Swagbucks (Recommended)


If you’re only opting for check because you don’t have a Paypal account, don’t know how to use Paypal or are just a little confused by the whole thing; don’t stress. Paypal is actually an extremely easy to use service and you’ll find that you’re payments will become easier, faster and there will be no waiting for weeks for a check to arrive in the mail.


Want to learn to use Paypal?

It’s super easy and you can start receiving payments in a snap. All you have to do sign up for an account, link up your bank account and start recieving payments. Here is a fantastic and easy guide for beginners to start using paypal.