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Best Paid Survey Sites Europe

Looking for a way to earn €80+ extra per month? Here at Top Survey Sites our team can help you out. Our job is to spend time using and reviewing the best paid survey sites throughout Europe and the world. Below we have organised the top 5 highest paying and easiest to use sites to make it easier to get started! Check it out!
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Opinion World

Earn money online with surveys by signing up to OpinionWorld for free!

3.5 Stars

ipsos iSay Surveys

About: The leader in paid survey sites. Earn amazing rewards with interesting and fun surveys!

3.5 Stars
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Located in Europe and are looking for a way to make a few extra euro a month?

Surveys are a great and easy way to earn extra euros every month. Taking very little time for just your opinion on daily products and services you use. Above are some fantastic panels for anyone looking to get started with paid surveys or those wanting to become apart of the community! The our European Top Surveys Team have tried and tested over 100 survey panels to find the best of the best. Feel free to take a look around of course, or you can go ahead a check out the list we’ve compiled above :)

Want to get started?

To get started with Paid Survey Sites Europe, simply go ahead and click the big yellow buttons. This will take you to each of the respective sites and get you started simply and easily! We recommend that you join at least 3 sites to maximize your earning potential but this is entirely up to you. Or, if you’d like to get to know each of the panels a little better beforehand, check out our reviews section where a new review is posted at the end of each month. Here’s some of the latest reviews we’ve had sent in about the above panels.

Top Europe Surveys

Top Europe Surveys

From the UK?

If you’re located in the UK make sure you check out the UK Paid Survey Top 5 for 2016. The UK and US are the biggest players in the survey world, so we’ve decided to dedicate a countdown especially for our English survey goers. It’s just as easy to get started – but the products, services and payments are catered towards the UK rather than all of Europe.