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  23 Apr, 2015 by Survey Stan


Looking to earn money just for signing up to a survey site? Well look no further – iSurvey World is the right choice for you! iSurvey World is one of the world’s leading paid survey sites, rated amongst the top 5 best survey sites to earn money just by sharing your opinion on different services and products.

All you have to do is sign up, and you earn your first $5 bonus right out of the gate! Once you register, you receive a confirmation email that immediately sets you on your way to earning fast cash.

Once you have an account in place, iSurvey World asks a series of questions designed to adhere to your personal interests. Using these answers, they then configure a selection of surveys for you to complete based on this initial profile, ensuring you qualify for the most opportunities available. The more surveys you take on, the more chances you have to earn rewards points.

You can expect each survey to range between 15-20 minutes of your time, depending on the length of the survey. iSurvey World offers shorter and longer surveys, but you will always be informed ahead of time just what the survey entails, as well as an estimation of how long each survey may take. iSurvey World makes it a priority to focus on sending you surveys on products that are only relevant to your provided interests.

Also, your account can not be easier to manage! After you sign on, you are given a homepage that details your ‘survey dashboard,’ as well as your account information and profile specifications.

Your dashboard serves as the mainframe of your survey activity. Just click the “Start a New Survey’ button and you will be asked a few questions leading you to any surveys available to complete.

Once you’ve collected rewards points after completing a certain number of surveys, all you have to do is find the ‘Awards’ tab on your dashboard to redeem your cash prizes. If you don’t immediately find your completed credits after finishing a survey, don’t worry! Your rewards points should appear in your account once the survey has officially closed, which can sometimes take up to 4 weeks.

For convenience sake, iSurvey World offers their cash rewards through PayPal.


Overall, iSurvey World proves itself to be one of the best survey sites out there. Since they use your provided information to cater to your interests individually, filling out these surveys makes for a hassle-free experience and an easy way to gain cash. The $5 bonus just for signing up is an added perk! They keep you updated on your survey rewards and answer any of your questions within reasonable time-limits, making for a good customer service experience as well. Also, they provide a wide-range of choices to their customers so you can get a variation of paid surveys from all over the world, whenever you can find the time. I highly recommend this site!

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